Fratelli Cosulich為其第一艘LNG船舉行落成典禮

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Fratelli Cosulich為其第一艘LNG船舉行落成典禮

來源:Offshore Energy 2023-03-25
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        意大利海運集團Fratelli Cosulich已經推出其第一艘LNG燃料油船并為其命名為Alice Cosulich。




        Fratelli Cosulich說,液化天然氣過冷裝置將提供最有效的'沸騰'處理技術,完全消除任何潛在的環境影響,并將貨物損失降到最低,推進和操縱系統將采用方位角類型,配備雙船首推進器,以便在港口地區實現高機動性。

        在財政上,該項目得到了公共實體和私人金融機構之間的合作支持,并且還獲得了歐洲聯盟(EU)在連接歐洲基金(CEF)計劃下的撥款,Cassa Depositi e Prestiti公司擔任 "執行伙伴"。

        Fratelli Cosulich集團的ESG企業總監Giulia Cosulich作為該船的教母,感謝所有參與該裝置建造的人,并說: "事實上,這項重要的投資再次證實了集團對保護環境的承諾,同時減少足跡和絕對安全的操作。該集團今天真正關注的是在未來進一步發展所有與液化天然氣相關的活動"。

        Cosulich還說,該集團 "一直深深相信與中國的關系和友誼",并指出: "這艘船是我們兩國人民和國家之間存在的相互信任的具體證明,我在這里不僅代表我的家人,而且重申我們對主辦今天發射的偉大國家的信心。"



Fratelli Cosulich inaugurates its first LNG bunkering vessel

Italian maritime transportation group Fratelli Cosulich has launched and christened its first LNG bunker tanker vessel named Alice Cosulich.

The vessel, inaugurated at the CIMC SOE shipyard in China, will sail under the Italian flag and will be operated by both onshore and offshore personnel.

It has a 5,300 DWT, can carry 8,200 m3 of LNG and 500 m3 of MGO, and will be fitted with Wartsila’s Dual Fuel technology, which is used in many marine propulsion and power production systems.

The delivery of the vessel is scheduled for September 2023.

Fratelli Cosulich said the most efficient ‘boil off’ treatment techniques will be offered by the LNG subcooling plant, completely eliminating any potential environmental effects and minimising cargo losses, and the propulsion and manoeuvring system will be of the azimuth type, with a double bow thruster, to allow high manoeuvrability in port areas.

Financially, the project was supported by the collaboration between public entities and private financial institutions and has also been awarded a grant by the European Union (EU) under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme, with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti acting as ‘implementing partner.’

Giulia Cosulich, ESG Corporate Director at Fratelli Cosulich Group, acting as the godmother of the vessel, thanked everyone who participated in the construction of the unit, and said: “Indeed, this important investment reaffirms the group’s commitment to safeguarding the environment, while decreasing the footprint and operating with absolute safety. The group is today really focused on further growing all LNG-related activities in the next future.”

Cosulich also said the group “has always and deeply believed in relationship and friendship” with China, noting: “This launch is a tangible proof of the mutual trust that exists between our two populations and countries, and I am here not only to represent my family but also to reaffirm our faith in the great country hosting today’s launch.”

To remind, the vessel order was placed back in May 2021, marking the company’s foray into the LNG bunkering business.